Walima Package

Wallima Decoration Package & Services:

Avail This Wallima Package (Decor)

  • Wallima Stage Decor with Fresh Flowers (with Wooden Base & Polish)
  • Pathway Decor from Entrance to Stage
  • Wall to Wall Paneling (Thematic)
  • VIP Lounges for VIP People with Decor
  • Car Decor with different & Unique Style
  • Room Decor with fresh flowers & Candles (in Romantic Style)

Marquee Venues

  • The Avalon, Islamabad Expressway
  • Rubaish Marquee, Behria Town, Rawalpindi
  • Hawelli Marquee, PWD Rawalpindi
  • Millenium Marquee, Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Empire Marquee, E-11/4 Islamabad
  • Monal Marquee, E-11/4 Islamabad
  • The Wedding, E-11/4 Islamabad
  • Paragon Marquee, E-11/4 Islamabad
  • Khiva Wedding Lawns, E-11/4 Islamabad
  • Des Pardess Marquee, E-11-Markaz Islamabad

Get Free….

  • Entrance Decor for Walima with Fresh Flower &Lights;
  • Full Venue Decor (To Give New & Unique Wallima Style)
  • Background Music (Specially Composed For Wallima)
  • Venue Lighting with Par-kens & color effects
  • Venue Decor with different & antique articles (For Wallima)
  • Venue Decor with ferry or Rice Lights
  • House Decor with Lights & Different Color Effects (Groom Side)

Marriage Halls

  • Marriot, Islamabad
  • Serena Hotel, Islamabad
  • Margalla Hotel, Islamabad
  • PC, Rwalpindi
  • Dess Pardess Saidpur village
  • 1969 & Time Goes on
  • Hillview, F-7 Markaz
  • Ayub National Park
  • Blue Logon, Saddar Rawalpindi
  • Embassy Lodge
  • Regalia Hotel, G-6
  • Royal Castle, 6th Road
  • Decent Lodge, 6th Road